Kid Too Saucy For Comic Con

The airing of the nude wrestling scene from “Borat” may have gotten the biggest laughs at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, but its proven to be the watershed moment for Hollywood studios trying to show off their wares.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a clip involving a comedic sex scene from the new Farrelly Brothers and Ben Stiller comedy “The Heartbreak Kid” was deemed “too racy for Con attendees” and so has had to be pulled from the Paramount presentation on Thursday.

More interesting though is that the article goes into detail about why all the pull-outs are happening this year – pre-approvals it seems. Con organisers were said to “be besieged” by complaints from families last year after the “Borat” clip aired (yet oddly enough the “300” clip complete with nipples and ultra-violence went over fine).

The result is that organisers came to Los Angeles and held a meeting with the studios earlier this summer to make sure the studio’s preview materials wouldn’t include age-inappropriate material. The Con is trying to draw bigger family audiences than ever before, and in order to do so some of the more adult-themed elements of yesteryear are being toned down.

Whilst the rule has always been around, this is the first year that Comic-Con organisers have made it mandatory that studios preview materials for officials before presenting them. They also set their preview deadline for the studios earlier than normal this year, which would explain why material from films like “The Dark Knight” or “I Am Legend” weren’t ready in time for the presentations.

Fox’s pull-out last week has become more of a kerfuffle, the studio is expected to be going ahead with something for its presentation/time slot but altered from what was originally intended to be shown.