Kellan Lutz Joins “Hercules 3D”

“Twilight” star Kellan Lutz has signed on to star in Renny Harlin’s $70 million epic “Hercules 3D” at Nu Image/Millennium.

The story deals with a romance between the son of Zeus and the mortal princess of Crete, who was promised to his older brother despite her love for Hercules.

Sean Hood, Harlin and Giulio Steve wrote the script, while Les Welden and Danny Lerner (“Olympus Has Fallen”) are producing. Shooting kicks off mid-May in Bulgaria.

Harlin says: “It takes more than a good physique to portray the most legendary, mythological personality in history – and Kellan has exactly that, personality. He’s not afraid to explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of the character, and he impressed me with his passion and heart.”

The project is not to be confused with Brett Ratner’s take on Hercules at MGM & Paramount starring Dwayne Johnson.

Source: THR