Keanu’s “Passengers” Loses Star, Distributor

The Weinstein Company have pulled out of the Keanu Reeves-led space romance drama “Passengers” which has been summarily yanked the schedule.

Slated to hit April 3rd 2015, the independently-produced film is also in search of a new female lead following the departure of actress Rachel McAdams.

Reeves plays a colonist aboard a spacecraft carrying 5,000 sleeping passengers to a new world when a malfunction awakens him early. Lonely, he rouses a fellow colonist and the pair fall in love – eventually realising it’s up to them to save everyone on the journey.

Brian Kirk was set to start filming the movie in Germany on April 7th, but the start date has been pushed back by at least several weeks.

CAA will now shop the movie around to other U.S. distributors.

Source: THR