Johnson Teases “Rampage” Script Session

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has posted an Instagram photo of himself and several writers and producers holding a six-hour script session for the upcoming film adaptation of the arcade game franchise “Rampage”.

Johnson confirms that it’s his immediate next project and shooting on the film begins in April. Johnson also says he’s playing a primatologist who runs an anti-poaching unit in Rwanda.

The games follow a giant lizard, werewolf and ape who run amok in the United States destroying city after city. The film reunites Johnson with his “San Andreas” director Brad Peyton and is currently targeting a release date of April 20th 2018.

Spent my Friday night at our Warner Bros offices in a 6hr script session with these rampaging rockstars. Our RAMPAGE (next movie I'll make) writers, producers, director and star (occasionally me). Even though this took us deep into Friday night and we all have families and stuff to do – this kind of meeting is so critical to our movie's success. Everyone's instincts were firing on the highest of levels. My fav moment from this merciless 6hr meeting was when I shared with this group that there's an equity and trust I've built with my audience that they trust me to take them on an epic ride, and always do our best to send them home happy. A very cool moment to see everyone's eyes light and heads start to nod. To win on any level you gotta have teamwork and collaboration and cant thank everyone enough in this room for their energy and focus. You truly helped us move the needle. And Wendy Jane you're Superwoman for your creative brilliance and putting up with all these asshole's dumb guy jokes. Not me of course, I'm a gentleman. Next stop for me in my research – the Primate division at the Atlanta Zoo (my character's a Primatologist & head of an anti poaching unit in Rwanda). Really informative and educational character to play and project to work on. More to come. Start shooting this APRIL. #RAMPAGE

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