John Waters Unveils His Top 10 Of 2018

John Waters Unveils His Top 10 Of 2018

Legendary filmmaker John Waters has released his annual top ten list of the best films of the year with Bruno Dumont’s “Jeannette: The Childhood Of Joan Of Arc” coming in on the top.

Speaking about the French musical about Joan of Arc, Waters says: “The actors themselves seem like they might burst out laughing, but this is no joke. It’s the best movie of the year. You’ll hate it.”

The most well-known of the lot would be Bart Layton’s “American Animals” which came in second with Waters saying “adolescent group madness is a beautiful thing to watch.”

Others on the list include: “Nico, 1988,” “Mom and Dad,” “Blindspotting,” “The Green Fog,” “Custody,” “Sollers Point,” “Let it Fall: LA 1982-1992,” “Permanent Green Light.

Waters’ favorite films in recent years include “Baby Driver” in 2017, “Krisha” in 2016, “Helmut Berger, Actor” in 2015, “Maps to the Stars” in 2014, “Spring Breakers” in 2013, “The Deep Blue Sea” in 2012 and “The Skin I Live In” in 2011.

Source: Art Forum