Jenkins On “Wonder Woman” Date Frustrations

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Many DC fans wish “Wonder Woman 1984” was coming out sooner than its June 2020 release date, and it turns out the film’s director Patty Jenkins also shares the sentiment.

The follow-up to the recent smash hit was originally supposed to open in theaters at the end of this year, but the studio decided to push it back six months to open June 2020 – around the same time of year as the first film and a prime Summer release date. The delay allowed Jenkins more time during the shooting and post-production process.

That said, Jenkins is an efficient worker and speaking in a video interview on Twitter this week, she revealed that she’s already done a rough cut of the Gal Gadot-led sequel and can’t wait for fans to see the film in its final form:

“I can’t wait! I can’t believe – it’s so funny, for all the entire time that we were making the movie, I was lobbying. They were wanting to move it up much earlier. And I was like ‘You guys, it’s got to be the summer of 2020, like it’s got to be!’ And that was what I always wanted. And now, I’ve just screened a version of the film and I’m like ‘Oh my God, can we move it back up again?’ I’m dying to release this film! But of course it’s good and it’s fine, but it’s frustrating to have to wait.”

Production on “Wonder Woman 1984” started nearly a year ago and finally wrapped in December, and with these comments it seems possible we may get some official footage hitting around Comic-Con in July.