IndieWire’s 100 Best Films Of The Decade

Indiewires 100 Best Films Of The Decade

The past ten years have seen the face of cinema change, more so than it had in the past two or three decades before. The rise and fall of 3D, the rise and rise of both streaming services and the Chinese box-office market, the now mostly dead arena of middle-budget movies, and the democratisation of low budget films thanks to cheap tech and crowdfunding.

Then there’s the surpassing of films by television as the dominant form of cultural discourse, the emergence of film communities across social media, a changing political landscape heavily impacting the industry and the stories told, and the disintegration of former stalwart studios as emerging tech players and old media giants cannibalise the weak.

James Cameron’s “Avatar” seems like a lifetime ago, but in reality it has only been a few years and while many have decried cinema as awash with “didn’t make them like they used to” movies that play it all too safe, there have still been some truly great films to have emerged in recent years.

This week, Indiewire is celebrating the decade with a look back at the Best Films of the 2010s and today posted their list of the Top 100 movies of that era. “Moonlight,” “Under the Skin,” “Certified Copy,” “The Act of Killing,” “Inside Llewyn Davis,” “Holy Motors,” “Carol,” “The Master,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Lady Bird” took out the Top 10, choices that will no doubt generate their own talk.

The full list though includes some pretty great entries as well below that including: “Inception,” “Inherent Vice,” “Call Me By Your Name,” “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” “Mission: Impossible — Fallout,” “Support the Girls,” “Leave No Trace,” “Magic Mike XXL,” “Black Panther,” “Jackie,” “Tangerine,” “Elle,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “Parasite,” “The Lost City of Z,” “Hereditary,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Paddington 2,” “First Reformed,” “Phantom Thread” and “Burning”.

Click here for the full list. Name your ten best films of the decade in the comments below.