Black Manta Actor Keen For “Aquaman 2”

Warners Has Plans For Aquamans Black Manta

Currently starring in a key role in “Watchmen” and soon to appear in the new “Candyman” film opening next year, actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will also be reprising his role of David Kane (a.k.a. Black Manta) in the sequel to 2018’s “Aquaman”.

The character of Black Manta was a side villain in the first film, playing second fiddle to Patrick Wilson’s King Orm/Ocean Master but getting at least some character development. Speaking with EW this week, the actor is confident he’ll be back to get the revenge he seeks on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman:

“We have a date of December 2022. Hopefully, that will hold. Black Manta will be back – I feel confident in saying that. I’m excited to step into that world again and cause some more trouble. I really want to add more personality and more character to David Kane and flesh him out in Aquaman 2 and give him more of a journey.”

The end credits of the first film saw Kane meeting with Randall Park’s Dr. Stephen Shin and strongly hinting at his return. Shooting on the James Wan-directed follow-up is expected to begin early 2021, with Abdul-Mateen II also filming the fourth “The Matrix” film next year.

“Aquaman 2” opens December 16th 2022.