Gyllenhaal Beefed Up For Prince

Sometimes when pretty boys stack on muscle its suits them and is very convincing (Brad Pitt in “Troy”), sometimes however it seems out of proportion and not entirely suited to their bodies (Orlando Bloom in “Kingdom of Heaven”).

When Jake Gyllenhaal got toned for “Jarhead” most thought he looked great. Now the first photos from the Moroccan set of Disney’s upcoming mega franchise “Prince of Persia” have surfaced over at Just Jared and show off his new physique. This time reaction has been far more mixed as having swapped definition for sheer muscle mass, not everyone’s pleased with the new beefcake look.

More interesting however is almost unanimous disparaging comments about the new hairstyle. The pictures do reveal though the costume which harkens back to the “Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within” game rather than the ‘Sands of Time’ upon which it’s based. The film is scheduled for release May 28th 2010.

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