Good Neighbors Gets A Remake

German director Stephan Rick is attached to direct “The Good Neighbor,” a remake of Jacob Tierney’s 2010 Canadian indie suspense thriller “Good Neighbors”.

In the original, Jay Baruchel played a young man named Victor who is new to Montreal. He attempts to make friends with the wheelchair-bound Spencer (Scott Speedman) and the cat-loving Louise (Emily Hampshire). Everybody is on edge, however, with a serial killer terrorizing the neighborhood. Xavier Dolan and Diane D’Aquila also starred.

Actor-turned-writer Ross Partridge (“Mutual Friends”) is penning this new version which Sam Rockwell is said to have expressed interest in.

This take follows a journalist, David, who becomes close with his new neighbor, Robert. The night goes out of control when David accidentally kills a young woman.

Robert is already willing to protect his new friend, and helps hides the evidence. Things get strange when Robert will stop at nothing to keep his new friend from being taken away.

Source: Bloody Disgusting