“Good Fight” Censored By CBS All Access

Goodfight Censored By Cbs

The latest episode of CBS All Access’ “The Good Fight” has been censored by the network because of concerns over subject matter.

Each episode this season has incorporated a weekly animated short tackling a different topic but this week that short won’t appear, instead there’ll be a black screen with the message ‘CBS HAS CENSORED THIS CONTENT’.

The series is known for pushing creative boundaries, but the scene in question this week was flagged by CBS’ Standards and Practices division and so series creators/showrunners Robert and Michelle King made the creative decision to replace the content in question with the censorship message which CBS then agreed to.

So what was the short about? The suggestion is it was going to depict the tactics used by US companies to break into the Chinese market. The series boasts a fictional search engine ChumHum and the episodes B-story has it trying to do just that.

There are two more episodes in the third season to air with the show already renewed for a fourth season.

Source: TV Line