George Lucas Blamed For New Greedo Edit

George Lucas Blamed For New Greedo Edit

Maclunkey. If there’s one word that’s spreading through fandom in the past 24 hours it’s that one.

When Disney+ made its debut last night, one of the first things played by many was “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope”. Sadly while there is no theatrical cut of the film available (only the Special Edition version), eagle-eyed fans noticed one big change to the film and one of its most infamous scenes.

Tthe Disney+ version features another edit to the showdown between Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Greedo. Originally Solo shot first in cold blood in the theatrical cut, the Special Edition was edited so that Greedo fires first and misses before Solo shoots – turning it into a moment of self-defence. Then, when the films came to Blu-ray in 2011, there was an alteration to make the shot of Greedo missing work better and fire simultaneously – though it still looks weird.

Now with the Disney+ version, this fourth take on the scene is edited with the green-skinned bounty hunter exclaiming ‘maclunkey’ before he dies. Vanity Fair reports that the scene is a change George Lucas himself made years ago, even before Disney even purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, and so that’s why it’s there.

Writer Bryan Young appears to have also solved the line’s origins. Specifically, podracer Sebulba apparently says the line in “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace”. It’s Huttese for “This’ll be the end of you.”

Either way, Maclunkeygate will be ongoing for a while yet.