New “Charlie’s Angels” Reviews Are In

New Charlies Angels Reviews Are In

The first reviews for the new take on “Charlie’s Angels” are in and the results are probably better than expected.

At present, the new film stands at a mixed 56/100 on Metacritic and a soft 62% (5.75/10) on Rotten Tomatoes. As a point of comparison, that’s about on par with McG’s 2000 “Charlie’s Angels” which snagged a 52/100 and a 68% (6.2/10) respectively on the same sites.

Actress Kristen Stewart is scoring the most praise for a reportedly fun turn in the film, and the film overall is said to be solidly entertaining with some welcome grounded action. However the script and story have some issues, and overall it’s a bit bland. Here are some sample quotes:

“It’s better than it could have been while also not being quite good enough to warrant any further instalments. 3/5.” – Benjamin Lee, Guardian

“The new “Charlie’s Angels” is a heavier chunk of escape than any previous “Angels” incarnation – if the early-2000s films were pop, this one is metal.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety

“The real asset Banks brings to the movie, though, is her own perspective. She builds the whole project on a scaffolding of sisterhood that feels so natural, it highlights Hollywood’s historic failures in this regard.” –
Elizabeth Weitzman, TheWrap

“”Charlie’s Angels” is undone by overly extended fight sequences, a generic storyline, plus an inability to focus on the parts that actually generate some goodwill and smiles.” – Joey Magidson, Hollywood News

“It’s fairly entertaining globe-trotting nonsense for what it is, which isn’t much, but there you have it. 2.5/4” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Banks brings Charlie’s Angels into the modern age with flair, all while unapologetically raising a feminist flag, championing female friendships and subtly making a point about the urgency of the ongoing climate crisis.” – Beandrea July, Hollywood Reporter

“Charlie’s Angels struts proudly in the heeled footsteps of the ’70s TV show and the McG movies of the early-2000s, offering the same silly, sexy, and utterly forgettable action.” – Kimber Myers, The Playlist

“The overall look of the film has the shiny, empty appearance of a newly rehabbed condo, and the quips about women’s love of cheese and gigantic closets have a similarly hollow sassy-greeting-card feel.” – Katie Rife, AV Club

“Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Noami Scott are terrific together, the film isn’t afraid to be a little cynical and it mostly works as a pulpy female-directed action movie that happens to star three women. 6/10.” – Scott Mendelson, Forbes

“Charlie’s Angels” opens in cinemas everywhere this Friday.