Garth Franklin’s Best Films Of 2017

After such a strong year last year, 2017 proved something of a soft year for movies – especially on the major studio front. Indies were as healthy as ever with some really strong standouts, but even there the average seemed to dip a bit. Some genres (notably animation) were decidedly lacking in 2017, whereas others (like horror) blossomed.

Today I’ve crafted my best of list, this year in a slightly under three-minute video form – one for review purposes only. Click on the thumbnail below to check out the video on Vimeo and please leave your feedback and what choices you would have made in the comments board below.

Despite my being based in Australia, I go by U.S. release dates which most of the site’s readership does. That means films that opened here in 2017 such as “Moonlight,” “Silence,” “20th Century Women,” “Lion,” “Hidden Figures,” “Miss Sloane” etc. didn’t qualify (and were in last year’s video).

There’s also never enough time to see everything, and so a couple of key films slipped through the cracks or haven’t been made available here and aren’t under consideration including: “All the Money in the World,” “Coco,” “The Disaster Artist,” “I Am Not A Witch,” “I Tonya,” “Lucky,” “Molly’s Game,” “The Other Side of Hope,” “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,” “The Rider,” “The Shape of Water, “Thelma” & “Wonderstruck”.

On with the list. For previous years, check out the videos for 2016 & 2015: