Full Trailer For Soderbergh’s “Mosaic” Series

Steven Soderbergh is aiming to shake up the TV landscape with his new project “Mosaic” which just released a new trailer and featurette today to time with the launch of the show in its app format.

The app is free and can be played on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – allowing you to fully explore a narrative which will see viewers following famed children’s book author Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone) and two men who will impact her life – handyman and aspiring artist Joel (Garrett Hedlund) and dubiously motivated suitor Eric (Frederick Weller).

Unlike regular TV which is passive, “Mosaic” is active and asks you to chose which way the story unfolds – you follow Joel’s or Eric’s perspective on the story and on the way you’ll encounter a number of new characters. The project will also roll out as a miniseries on HBO on January 22nd.