“Fortnite” Made Insane Money Last Year

Fortnite Made Insane Money Last Year

Epic Games’ “Fortnite” pulled in $1.8 billion in sales in 2019, more money in a single year than any video game in history. The gaming industry overall pulled in $120 billion in 2019, up by 4% from 2018.

The numbers come from Nielsen’s SuperData branch rather than Epic itself which doesn’t announce its revenue stats. The data was compiled from mobile, PC, console games, augmented reality, esports, and virtual reality revenues.

Of the $120 billion total, $64.4 billion went into mobile games, $29.6 billion went to PC titles and $15.4 billion went to console titles. $6.5 billion went to game-related videos and $6.3 billion went to extended reality games (namely virtual reality or augmented reality games).

“Fortnite” is free to play but charges a $10 seasonal Battle Pass and also sells in-game items to its approximately 125 million players.

Source: Deadline