Disney+ Rep Explains Rotating Film Slate

Disney Lets You Keep Your Downloads

The other day came word that several movies had left the Disney+ streaming service in the United States, most notably “Home Alone” and some “Pirates of the Caribbean” films amongst others.

Their removal came without comment until today as a Disney+ spokesperson has finally responded to the questions and concern.

The spokesperson confirms to Gizmodo that those titles will return eventually: “A small number of titles had left the platform over issues relating to legacy deals… all of those titles that have left will return to the service as soon as those licenses expire.”

Disney and the now Disney-owned Fox previously cut various deals to license content with cable companies and other streaming services, those deals forming a big revenue generator for their businesses.

When Disney+ launched, many of those deals were still in place so the rights to certain titles remain locked up for a while. Once they expire, they’ll come back to the service in full.