First Photo: Joe Manganiello As Deathstroke

Joe Manganiello’s fate in the DC Films universe remains a little hazy. During production of “Justice League,” Ben Affleck let slip that the “True Blood” and “Magic Mike” alum had been hired to play iconic DC comics assassin character Deathstroke.

The role was a cameo in ‘League’ that would tease the character’s appearance as the main villain in Affleck’s solo “The Batman” film which Affleck was co-writing and directing at the time. Affleck left those positions with Matt Reeves taking over as writer/director on the project and when he did, Deathstroke being the villain seemed increasingly uncertain – especially as Affleck’s involvement became questionable.

Where “The Batman” stands at this point is also not clear. Reeves is at work on the film now but filming won’t begin until next year at the earliest. Affleck is still not confirmed to be in or out, but Jake Gyllenhaal has been rumored to be waiting in the wings and is keen on the part but the studio isn’t yet convinced said a Reddit report this weekend.

Meanwhile Manganiello is teaming with “The Raid” director Gareth Evans for a potential Deathstroke solo film which is in very early stages of development. For now, the only glimpse we get of Manganiello in character is in a standalone post-credits scene in “Justice League”. Today, Manganiello himself has released the first official still of himself in character filming that scene. Hopefully we’ll see him slipping on the eye patch again soon.