Disney+ A Hit Going By Mobile Downloads

Disney A Hit Going By Mobile Downloads

Analytics firm Sensor Tower reports that Disney+ snagged more than 40.9 million downloads in the fourth quarter of last year, generating an estimated $97.2 million in user spending on mobile in its first two months.

Its revenue higher than the proceeds for established subscription players like HBO Now and Showtime. HBO Now grossed $23.7 million on mobile during its first 60 days, while Showtime snagged just $1.2 million.

Sensor Tower also only measures mobile app usage, so the Apple App Store and Google Play, and so doesn’t include third-party Android stores or downloads on smart TVs, gaming consoles and devices like Roku and Apple TV.

On the channels surveyed, Disney+ mobile downloads accounted for 34% of the market – exceeding the total downloads for Hulu and Amazon Prime Video in all of 2019. The Disney+ app was the No. 1 app every day during the first four weeks after its launch in the United States.

Disney+ reportedly attracted ten million sign-ups in its first 24 hours, aided by a $13 bundle with Hulu and early discounts off its full monthly $7 rate. The company won’t be officially sharing its figures until its quarterly earnings calls on February 4th.

Source: CNet