DiCaprio: Why Do You Fear Streaming?

Various filmmakers and actors have weighed in on the debate about cinema’s future. Some are resolutely about protecting the theatrical experience at whatever cost, others are all about streaming and its approach to the future of ‘content’.

We’ve heard Martin Scorsese’s opinions on the subject, now one of his most frequent muses – Leonardo DiCaprio – has offered his perspective on the industry’s future. Speaking with Deadline, DiCaprio says he sees both sides of the argument. On the one hand he’s totally in lockstep with Scorsese about preserving cinema and making sure non-blockbusters can be shown there too:

“We need the theatrical experience and seeing a film on-screen with the proper sound, with the proper scale, and the vision of a great artist is what is entailed. And we need to have a place that isn’t cannibalized by these slots that studios have for their tentpole films. It needs to be both, and if a lot of these films aren’t going to get financed by the studio system, we’ll have this new vanguard coming into town.

We need to integrate some of these great artists and visionaries who have so much to say about our society, our culture, our world, to make great cinematic art. Because it is an art form and we need to give audiences an opportunity to see their work in all its glory.”

On the other, he doesn’t understand the panic about the advent of the streaming era – saying to staunch cinephiles:

“Let me ask you. Why do you fear all of this? We made the transition to video cassettes, to DVD, to this transition we’re in right now. We survived the move to talks from silent films. The advent of television that was supposed to hurt movies… what’s the point of being afraid of this transition, because it’s happening. Right now. Given the inability to find DVDs and VHS tapes anymore, I just want to make sure that there’s a great home for classic cinema, too.”

DiCaprio has ties to both Scorsese’s new film “Killers of the Flower Moon” and Hulu’s planned event series “The Devil in the White City,” both of which are in development.