DiCaprio & del Toro Visit “Nightmare Alley”

Dicaprio Del Toro Visit Nightmare Alley

Leonardo DiCaprio is in negotiations to star in filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s new adaptation of William Lindsay Gresham’s novel “Nightmare Alley” at TSG Entertainment. Fox Searchlight will distribute the film worldwide.

Tyrone Power starred in a previous 1947 film adaptation as an ambitious young con-man who hooks up with a female psychiatrist even more corrupt than he is.

At first, they enjoy success fleecing people with their mentalist act, but then she turns the table on him, out-manipulating the manipulator.

The project marks del Toro’s first directorial effort since his Oscar-winning film “The Shape of Water.” Del Toro also co-wrote the script with Kim Morgan and he will produce and finance with J. Miles Dale. Shooting aims to kick off this Fall.

Source: Variety