“Death Stranding” Receives Solid Reviews

Death Stranding Receives Solid Reviews

Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited Playstation-exclusive “Death Stranding” finally arrives in stores this Friday and now the reviews are out and paint a fascinating picture.

On the one hand the game currently sits at a solid 84/100 on Metacritic which, when you don’t include DLC or remasters, is one of the better review scores of the year.

Even so, that falls behind several titles including “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” (91), “Tetris Effect” (90), “Disco Elysium” (90), “Apex Legends” (89) “Super Mario Maker 2” (88), “Devil May Cry 5” (87), “Sunless Skies” (86), “Luigi’s Mansion 4” (86), “Outer Wilds” (85), “The Outer Worlds” (85) and “Control” (85).

On the other hand, the reviews themselves are distinctly divided. Kojima has very much gone for an arty project that defies any kind of easy categorisation and as such some are really loving it, some really hating it, and many seem to really appreciate the game’s story, acting and ambition even as they have issues with the gameplay.

In the game you play Sam Bridges, a man besieged by death’s tide at every turn who must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the stranded remnants of the future in his hands, Sam embarks on a journey to reunite the shattered world one step at a time.

What is the mystery of the Death Stranding? What will Sam discover on the road ahead? A genre-defining gameplay experience holds these answers and more. Check out some sample quotes below:

“Every inch of Death Stranding teems with meaning or implication. Even the stupidest and most pretentious developments build to create a multi-layered game, one with numerous potential points of attack to analyze. It is a story about fatherhood. It is a broad dig at the gig economy. It is deeply concerned with upcoming environmental disaster and American politics, old and new.” – Kotaku

“Death Stranding is a game that demands to be argued over and analyzed for years. It starts rough, and then gets better and better as it goes along, culminating in an ending that is both hugely important to its universe, and also very small and personal to Sam. It has big ideas for things it wants to say, and then it layers them in with heavy-handed messages about togetherness and bonding with your fellow man.” – The AV Club

“Death Stranding feels like two games in one, designed for seemingly opposite audiences. One is a wholly unique open-world adventure with asynchronous cooperative multiplayer that allows me to feel like I’m part of a community, building a world from scratch. And the other is a long, confusing, deeply strange movie. The former is pulling most of the weight, but they share equal screen time. And, like a steamer trunk full of sperm, it’s impossible to separate the good from the bad. It’s all in the same box.” – Polygon

“Kojima’s latest creation is unique, perhaps even too unique. You’re essentially playing a courier, but an intriguing plot and phenomenally designed open-world conspire to keep things interesting. Death Stranding may not be a perfect experience, but it comes pretty damn close.” – PSX-Sense

“Death Stranding” comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on Friday. Adult Swim have unleashed a brief tie-in promo for both the game and “Rick and Morty” which you can see below: