“Daredevil” Actress: Cancellation Was All Netflix

The sudden cancellation of “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix would’ve been a huge surprise had both “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage” not been cancelled in the weeks before. Even so, it was still a bit of a shock considering the series was easily the best performer numbers wise and was riding a wave of good reviews for its third season.

Since its axing, there’s been a bunch of debate as to whether it was Marvel or Netflix that pulled the plug and as different bits of information come forth, the situation doesn’t get that much clearer. Today Amy Rutberg, who plays Foggy Nelson’s love interest Marci in the series, spoke with Inverse and says the decision to end the show was entirely a Netflix one:

“My contacts at Marvel were very surprised. Any of the rumors that it was a Marvel decision are wrong, I think it was purely a Netflix decision. That comes from personal conversations with people high up at Marvel. They were surprised. We had heard rumors we would start production [on the fourth season] as early as February 2019. It’s a little unusual to be that far ahead in the planning and cancel the show, which makes me think Netflix was laboring over whether or not to cancel it. My guess was it was not an easy decision.”

According to the actress everyone assumed there were going to be a total of five seasons and confirmed that all actors involved in the series signed exclusive deals with Netflix for the show and would not be able to immediately begin work on a new “Daredevil” series if Disney/Marvel wanted to do it:

“There is this very real contract with Netflix. I had heard 18 months, maybe it’s 2 years. I suppose it’s possible that Marvel could buy them out, but I have not heard so much as a whisper.”

There has been speculation that Disney and Marvel were behind the cancellations so as to try and get all the Marvel characters back with them and perhaps on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service or on Hulu. In any case Marvel TV, which produces the shows as opposed to Marvel Studios who are producing the upcoming “Avengers” spin-off shows for Disney+, definitely seems to have been caught off guard.

Netflix releases the second season of Marvel’s “The Punisher” in January.