Apple Makes Deal For “Peanuts” Franchise

Apple Makes Deal For Peanuts Franchise

Apple has done a deal with producers DHX Media for brand-new content based on the “Peanuts” franchise to be made for its as-yet-unannounced streaming service which will launch sometime in 2019.

The comics follow Charlie Brown and his friends, like his dog Snoopy, as they get into various adventures. The deal is said to begin with a series of short STEM-based animations with Snoopy character as an astronaut. That will be followed by new series, specials, and more shorts focused on the entire “Peanuts” gang.

Apple has yet to formally announce the service, but the tech company reportedly plans on offering it for free to current owners of Apple products. The news comes hot on the heels of Netflix teaming with Roald Dahl’s estate to make works based on his popular novels.

Source: Deadline