Could The Oscars Move To January?

Early deadlines and electronic voting confusion have plagued this year’s lead-up to the Academy Awards, but those issues could pale in comparison to that of next year. Why? Because there’s talk that the Oscars ceremony in 2014 could be held at least a month earlier than the usual late February airdate.

With the Superbowl taking up the February 2nd weekend, and the Winter Olympics booked in for the other three Sundays in February, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is stuck with three options.

The first is they could move the event to the Monday after the Super Bowl (February 3rd) or the Olympics (February 24th). The second is what they did during the 2010 Winter Olympics – push back the ceremony a few weeks into early March.

According to Variety though, the third option is the one on the table right now – “prevailing sentiment among insiders is that AMPAS is determined to push its kudofest earlier.” In fact, with the Grammys on January 26th and NFL’s conference championships on January 19th, there’s talk that next year could see the double header of the Golden Globes on January 5th and then the Oscars on the 12th.

To do this it would mean AMPAS members would likely have to finish their nominations voting before Christmas. It would also mean a lot of Oscar-contending movies would have to be out on screens in October and November as December release movies would run a high risk of missing out.

Source: Variety