Chris McKay To Helm “Jonny Quest”

Chris Mckay To Helm Jonny Quest

With “Nightwing” not making much progress, “The Lego Batman Movie” director Chris McKay is moving on for now and will helm a live-action “Jonny Quest” film at Warner Bros. Pictures.

The popular Hanna-Barbera primetime animated series told the thrilling stories of a young boy who accompanied his scientist father and on extraordinary escapades investigating scientific mysteries around the world.

Joining him was his adopted brother from Calcutta, his pet bulldog pup, and the government agent assigned to protect them. The original one-season series was revived in the 80’s and 90’s on the Cartoon Network.

Adrian Askarieh, Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich will produce. Attempts have been made since the 1990s to adapt the property with Richard Donner and Robert Rodriguez linked to previous incarnations. Dan Mazeau and Terry Rossio previously worked on the script.

“Jonny Quest” will serve as McKay’s immediate project after he wraps “Dungeons & Dragons” which will begin filming shortly for Paramount Pictures.

Source: The Wrap