Cavill Offers Cryptic Superman Response

Cavill Offers Cryptic Superman Response

Yesterday’s story about Henry Cavill’s possible departure from the role of Superman has now received a response from all three key parties involved in the decision – Warner Bros. Pictures, Cavill’s representation, and now Cavill himself.

The trouble is all three have been decidedly non-committal, even borderline vague, in regards to the original report which didn’t kick off on a gossip site but rather started in the trades yesterday morning. Cavill’s agent gave the most direct response saying: “the cape is still in his closet”. Warners followed that up with the less certain: “no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films” before expressing their plans to continue working with Cavill on ‘projects’ in the future.

Cavill weighed in last night, dropping a cryptic Instagram post with him in a Krypton Lifting Team t-shirt as he slowly raises an action figure of himself into and out of the frame. This has led to speculation this whole thing is potentially a case of ‘negotiating in the press’ in terms of Cavill’s deal to stay in the role. Either way, the one thing no-one is doing at present is confirming he’s 100% set to return to the role.

Whatever his status, it is certain he won’t be reprising it for a cameo in the upcoming “Shazam” film, and that a “Supergirl” film is a much bigger priority at the studio than another Superman film at this point.

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