Brief “Aquaman 2,” Falcon & Taskmaster Talk

Brief Aquaman 2 Falcon Taskmaster Talk

Following the massive success of Warners and DC’s “Aquaman,” you would think Warner Bros. Pictures would be moving fast on an immediate follow-up. Indeed their announcement of the spin-off feature “The Trench” would suggest big plans for the underwater franchise going forward.

However, the film’s director James Wan has this week confirmed to CinemaBlend that his next directing gig won’t be the “Aquaman” sequel – rather another mysterious project. Wan is expected to be back to helm the “Aquaman” sequel but that film won’t be coming until well after “The Trench” (which Wan is expected to only produce) opens in cinemas and that isn’t slated to happen for a few years yet.

Over at Marvel, actor Anthony Mackie has confirmed to that there were brief discussions about his Sam Wilson character making his debut as the new Captain America at the end of next week’s “Spider-Man: Far from Home”. However, the studio decided against it as creatively it didn’t fit with the movie’s theme.

Marvel Studios is currently in the midst of shooting the “Black Widow” film and photos have gone up from the UK shoot which seem to suggest the MCU’s version of Taskmaster, a mercenary with photographic reflexes and physical mimicry, may make his screen debut in the feature says Movieweb. That movie opens sometime next year.

They’ve also announced that the new huskier build Thor has scored an official name: ‘Bro Thor’. The name was revealed in information regarding the upcoming home release of “Avengers: Endgame” with a featurette explaining actor Chris Hemsworth’s physical transformation.