“Batman Beyond” Gets A Blu-Ray Box Set

Batman Beyond Gets A Blu Ray Box Set

“Batman Beyond,” the most popular of the animated Batman solo shows outside of the original 1990s “Batman: The Animated Series,” is coming to Blu-ray twenty years after it premiered.

The cyberpunk continuation of the landmark animated noir series, ‘Beyond’ became a classic in its own right with its reinvention of the Batman mythos that shook up the idea of what a sequel could be.

“Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series” Limited Edition is set to arrive on Digital starting October 15th and in a Blu-ray box set on October 29th.

It will include the entire series alongside the uncut, unrated version of ‘The Return of the Joker’ film. 41 of the show’s 52 episodes (and the film) have been fully remastered while the remaining eleven have been given an ‘up-res’ makeover.

There are also 15 featurettes on the bonus discs, highlighted by two new inside looks. The bonus discs also spotlight four episodes with audio commentary from Timm and select members of the production team.

This ultimate collectors Blu-ray box set will be individually numbered for a Limited Edition release of 50,000. It will retail for $49.99 digitally and $99.99 for the Blu-ray boxset.