Arnold NOT In New Terminator

With a new “Terminator” trilogy in the works, the inevitable question since it was first announced has been what involvement, if any, would former series star turned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger have in the new projects.

Producer Moritz Borman has now revealed to The Sun that Schwarzenegger will NOT be appearing in the upcoming “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” but could be involved in the inevitable two sequels.

Borman says “We have a huge twist at the end, which we’re being careful not to reveal… I can tell you this much — this is the story everybody has been waiting for. Namely, we’re in the future. The part of it where Arnold’s character has not yet been built but is on the drawing board and in the next two episodes we’ll get to the point where time-travel is more in the foreground. It’s the war against the machines, the start of Skynet taking over the world.”

He adds that “It’s convenient that he hasn’t been built at this point of the story, as Arnold has more important things to do right now, but that doesn’t mean he might not re-appear later in the trilogy. He knows the material and is very supportive of what we’re doing. There might even be hints of his character in this one.”

He also quashed rumors of Vin Diesel’s involvement – “Everyone is assuming there is a John Connor and a Terminator in the script. Connor is in there along with another figure, but who is that figure? I’ve heard everything from Sylvester Stallone to Vin Diesel, and other ones. I can tell you that Vin Diesel is not somebody we’re currently talking to.”

Shooting will begin on April 15th in Budapest.