Amy Smart, Carmen Electra for “Starsky & Hutch”

Starsky and Hutch may be about the guys, but in this seventies-set comedy, the beautiful Amy Smart and sexy Carmen Electra also manage to spice things up. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it, as Paul Fischer met the two sexy co-stars. Electra in particular, looked the part, braless, perky and talking about her recent marriage, threesomes and comedy.

Question: Were either of you ever really cheerleader?

Smart: Nope.

Electra: I was. For a semester.

Question: Was it weird doing the whole threesome thing?

Smart: Just jump right into it. [LAUGHS]

Electra: I was actually looking forward to it.

Question: What do you find most attractive in that. Can you elaborate?

Electra: I don’t know. We auditioned together and I auditioned with a bunch of different girls, as did [Amy]. I don’t know. We had a lot of fun together, we had chemistry. And actually, in the auditions, I said, ‘I wouldn’t mind kissing her,’ because I read the script and I knew there would be a kissing scene. So, it was fun. You kinda get away with doing something that you wouldn’t normally do.

Question: Was she a good kisser?

Electra: [LAUGHS]. Just jump to the…

Smart: We had fun. We had a fun time. We ended up shooting at two in the morning. We were all sort of delirious. Sober, but it was two in the morning and we’d been there since six so, you know. We were ready to shoot the scene and we just went for it and I had a really fun time.

Question: Is it difficult to keep a straight face with people like Stiller and Owen?

Smart: I think it is. I think it’s hard to keep a strait face because they’re so funny in each take.

Electra: Even just looking at them when they’re not acting. Just, like, in the costumes and with the hair and the whole thing. They’re so funny.

Question: Are they a little bit more subdued when doing takes?

Smart: I think it mixes up a little bit. I think Ben is more serious because he is a director as well and he has more of that mind frame. Um, but, they’re both improving and trying new things each take and that’s what’s really fun about it. It’s a mixture of wanting to get it right and then playing with it.

Question: What did you think of the 70’s clothes?

Electra: Yeah, well I have pictures where my mom was wearing those high-waisted jeans. I was born in 72 so a lot of it I don’t really remember. But, it was fun and I got to wear platforms which is always good in my book, because I’m only 5′ 3.

Question: Did you ever wear the costumes home?

Electra: No.

Smart: No, you can’t. They never let you, because in case you have to do re-shoots.

Question: Carmen, how’s married life?

Electra: It’s amazing. I’m really happy.

Question: Is it everything you expected it to be?

Electra: And more. He’s my best friend, so, it feels good. Even to have the show. We were really nervous about having the show, but now we’re really happy we did it. It feels solid. I know that he’s got my back. It feels good.

Question: How was your first married Valentine’s Day?

Electra: It was very mellow because I have a knee injury. We haven’t had our honeymoon yet and we didn’t get to do anything for Valentine’s Day so…

Question: So what’s you’re ideal honeymoon?

Electra: Hawaii. Yeah.

Question: So what did you do on Valentine’s Day Amy?

Smart: I just had a really low… Just went to dinner.

Question: Are you still engaged?

Smart: I was never engaged. See [holds up ring had] No ring. [LAUGHS]

Question: Carmen, are their kids in your future soon?

Electra: I hope so. I mean, I love kids. I’m ready to get started at any time and I know MTV’s ready too because they’re hoping that we would do a show about that. [LAUGHS]

Question: Maybe what leads up to the kids then?

Electra: I think that might be a little X-rated so I don’t know that they would go for that, but I think, actually, the pregnancy. But I think that’s kind of a personal thing so I don’t know if I would want to share that with the world. But I’m not pregnant yet.

Question: Did you go to Sundance with Butterfly Effect?

Smart: Yeah.

Question: I was there and I heard that people very excited when Demi walked in?

Smart: Really?

Question: Did you think the critical reaction to it was a little bit harsh?

Smart: I, you know… First of all, I thought the premiere was amazing and I’m really glad it took place at Sundance because it is essentially an independent film, it was made for nine million. I understand that because Ashton’s been in the media so much that there’s always going to be some backlash and harsh criticism. But, you know, it’s still making great money and it’s still in the top box office and I think it’s a good movie so… I had a good experience there, though.

Question: Did Ben and Owen improv?

Electra: Yeah, like Amy said, every take was completely different, which makes it more fun for us because you never know what they’re gonna do and it doesn’t become stale because it’s not the same lines every single time so, for us, we loved it.

Smart: We had fun, especially in that… They cut some of our part out which I’m not happy with. The fondue stuff!

Electra: Oh, I know.

Smart: But that’s okay. But that was a fun scene that we shot in the apartment when we were on the date. There was like a whole fondue part before we got into the scene and that to meĀ  was sort of fun because we were all just sort of improving. But they do definitely improv and have a good time.

Question: Do they encourage you to?

Smart: Not really. [LAUGHS]

Electra: Remember, there’s a scene where we go into the kitchen and they were on the couch. It’s not in the movie, but, you know, Todd was kinda, ‘Improv,’ so we did and that was fun. It was really fun.

Question: What’s the wildest date either of you have been on?

Electra: I don’t know. I’ve had quite a few. We’d be here all night. The wildest? I don’t know.

Smart: I don’t really have anything.

Question: What’s next?

Smart: I just have an independent coming out in March I think called Blind Horizon. But, not working at the moment. Looking for another good job hopefully.

Electra: We just finished Till’ Death Do Us Part, which is on right now and I just finished shooting an independent film with Vivica Fox called Getting Played.

Question: Who do you get played with?

Electra: It’s a story about these three girls who are great friends and they decide to turn the tables on men and the first guy that walks through the door is Bill Bellamy, so we all take turns trying to seduce him, so it’s kinda like a contest. And in the end, we think we’re playing him but he’s playing us.

Question: And what’s Blind Horizon?

Smart: It’s an independent I did a little over a year ago with Val Kilmer and Sam Shepard and Neve Campbell. It’s going to the festival, I heard, in Austin.

Question: What do you play?

Smart: A nurse. A nurse who, Val’s character has amnesia and I nurse him in the hospital and we end up falling in love.

Question: Where do your musical tastes lay these days?

Electra: I’ve always loved hip-hop, but I grew up with many different styles of music because my dad is a musician. My mom liked disco, my brother liked rock n’ roll, my dad liked soul music, so I like everything, really, except for country. I even like classical music, studying ballet, but Dave sort of brought me into the rock world a little bit more, so I’ve learned to appreciate it. Just, real instruments, real playing. Dave’s so talented, he can just pick up a guitar and just start rocking out and I respect that so much, because I grew up around it and I’ve always had a love for music.

Question: Do you stay together when he goes on tour?

Electra: We try to, but it’s really hard because we’re always both in different cities, but, you know, I think it’s actually healthy in our relationship. I took a leap of faith and trust that he’s being good to me so I don’t need to follow him around everywhere.

Question: Were you involved in any of the cheer leading scenes, because that’s some pretty good dancing.

Smart: Well, I was trying to just keep up, but she was the real dancing shoes.

Electra: We had a choreographer come in and she worked with us and it was fun.

Question: Did you study a lot of cheer leading tapes?

Smart: We watched the Dallas Cowgirls, like from the 70’s with the white go-go boots…

Electra: And the hair.

Smart: …And the hair.

Question: How committed was the production to preserving period detail?

Smart: So committed. Everything. The costumes, they were getting all original costumes or they were remaking them to fit and look just right. And then the set department. Every set was very, you know, with shag carpet…

Electra: Even with the hair and make-up department, some of the girls that did our hair, they actually did Farrah Fawcett back in the day, so we got the OG real stuff.

Question: Are you fans of the 70’s?

Electra: Yeah, absolutely.

Smart: Yeah, definitely. The music and the movies. The fondue and the outfits.

Question: Any favourite musicals in the 70’s. Grease?

Electra: Oh yeah. Grease was my favourite.

Question: What is your favourite animal movie?

Electra: I don’t know. But I do watch Animal Precinct. Oh my God. Thank God for those people. It’s so sad. It’s so disturbing. It’s interesting to me. Old Yellow, The Cat From Outer Space. That was the first movie I watch. Bambi. Broke my heart. Charlotte’s Web. You know, you get me started.