Amazon Plans Lewinsky & Tripp Feature

Amazon Studios has acquired Flint Wainess’ Black List script “Linda And Monica” which details the budding friendship between Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky.

The friendship imploded when it led to the revelation of the scandalous relationship between Lewinsky and U.S. President Bill Clinton. Lewinsky was a 22-year old White House intern and Tripp a White House aide who secretly recorded her young pal’s revelations of sexual liaisons with Clinton.

Tripp, who later said she was acting in her former friend’s best interests, leaked the tape to special prosecutor Kenneth Starr – leading to the tawdry scandal and eventual congressional call for impeachment.

Some of the script is reportedly based on the actual conversations between the women. Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal and Steve Tisch will produce for Escape Artists.

Source: Deadline