Woll Talks “Daredevil” & “Punisher” Cancellation

Kingpin Returns In Daredevil S3 Promo

One of the earliest releases of the year, Sony’s psychological thriller “Escape Room,” is coming to home video this week and one of the film’s stars Deborah Ann Woll sat down with Comic Book Movie to discuss her recent work in both that and another project – the now cancelled Marvel-Netflix series “Daredevil” and “The Punisher”.

Both shows were cancelled in recent months, victims of the Disney-Fox merger deal and rise of Disney+ which has seen Netflix effectively cutting its ties where it can to the Mouse House. The “Daredevil” axing in particular was galling to fans as it came mere weeks after the series aired a critically acclaimed third season.

Woll, who plays Karen Page on both shows, discussed the news and said those involved were all pretty sure they were going to come back. Then the first two of the five shows got the chop and the sentiment changed:

When we saw Luke Cage and Iron Fist go, we started to think maybe it was 50/50 and then when they let us go, I thought, ‘Oh, they’re going in another direction.’ They’re going to put their energy into something else and I’m going to start focusing on doing that as well.

I’ve heard absolutely nothing about resurrecting it in any way and I think the chances of that are pretty slim. For me, in my kind of grieving, and moving on from this experience, I have to kind of do that… Daredevil is going to be this beautiful memory rather than a frustrating memory by hanging on to it.

I’m kind of pushing through, so I had to take a step away from it all just for my own mental health. I’m trying to live in a grateful place and a warm, thankful, place… usually you get canceled because you suck and in a way, it’s a really nice thing to get cancelled at the height of our powers, to really go out and say that was strong rather than do three more seasons that people are like ‘Eh, I wish it were more like season three.'”

In the wake of the cancellation, there has been no discussion to date about the possible resurrection of the series either on Disney+ or Hulu. The third season of “Jessica Jones” remains the only episodes yet to air and no date has yet been set.