Warners Snags Eastwood’s “Jewell” From Fox

Warners Snags Eastwoods Jewell From Fox

Filmmaker Clint Eastwood is returning to his usual haunt at Warner Bros. Pictures as the studio has closed a deal to acquire the rights to his new film “The Ballad of Richard Jewell” from Fox-Disney.

The true story tale, which Eastwood is set to direct, deals with the titular security guard whose life gets turned upside down after media reports identified him as a possible suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing.

Billy Ray is writing the script, which will be based on a Marie Brenner article in Vanity Fair. Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio had originally been attached to star, but they will no longer appear in the movie though both will still produce.

Eastwood was in talks to take on the project several years ago but shifted focus to “Sully” instead. His most recent film, “The Mule.” bowed in December and earned $172 million worldwide.

Source: Variety