The Expendables 3 Is Set To Be Rated PG-13

The Motion Picture Association of America has officially given “The Expendables 3” a PG-13 rating. Exhibitor Relations reports that the rating is for “violence including intense sustained gun battles and fight scenes, and for language.”

The announcement marks the first time the franchise has opted for anything less than an R, the two previous ones garnering it for “strong bloody violence”. It’s not a surprise though as Stallone indicated last month the film would be PG-13.

At the time he said: “We want to reach as many people as possible. It’s very close to an R, believe me, it’s right there. But I think we owe it to the next generation. We thought we’d join that club for a while.”

The first two films earned $275 million and $305 million respectively, the new film is expected to eclipse that amount.