Spielberg Sets Composers For His Next Two Films

Having scored all but two of Steven Spielberg’s films, composer John Williams will sit out the famed filmmaker’s next film “Ready Player One” with “Forrest Gump” composer Alan Silvestri taking over duties.

Williams can’t do it because of one very good reason, he’s doing the score for Spileberg’s other film “The Papers” which is going through post-production at the same time as ‘Player’. ‘Papers’ will mark their 28th feature collaboration. The only two Spielberg-directed films they previously didn’t work on together on was “The Color Purple” and “Bridge of Spies”.

According to a statement from Amblin Productions: “Steven and John decided Alan Silvestri was the perfect choice for ‘Ready Player One’ since Steven has worked (as a producer) with Alan on the ‘Back to the Future’ films in the 1980s and Alan has scored other films for Steven’s Amblin and DreamWorks.”

“The Papers” opens December 22nd and “Ready Player One” opens March 30th.

Source: Variety