Recent “X-Men” Delays Due To Reshoots?

Late yesterday came word that 20th Century Fox had delayed two of its upcoming “X-Men” films. The main series entry “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” had been delayed three months from this November to early February next year, while the more teen horror themed spin-off “The New Mutants” got pushed back six months and now opens August 2019.

A follow-up report at Collider has gone into the delays, explaining both are due to reshoots. With ‘Dark Phoenix’, a test screening was done to see what needed tweaking and so time was set aside for some standard additional photography.

The problem is due to the scheduling conflicts with the major cast members, the earliest availability for everyone to return was August or September of this year which wasn’t enough time to have the film ready by early November – so Fox pushed it.

‘New Mutants’ on the other hand is reportedly a much more serious affair. Director Josh Boone reportedly delivered a cut of the film that he was happy with, but not Fox who wants a scarier film.

As a result, the large amount of reshoots which were first reported when the film was pushed back ten months from its original release, have been expanded with at least 50% of the film now looking to be redone and at least one or two new characters being incorporated into the narrative.

Boone has also reportedly been having some creative differences with the studio over the requested changes.