Real Life Clowns Upset Over “It” Trailer

One complaint about the recent trailer for the film adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic novel “It” is that the new Pennywise looks ‘unapproachable’ – the friendly and enticing to kids element of the clown gone in favour of an outright monster.

The trouble is, thanks in no small part to the original 1990s mini-series adaptation along with “Poltergeist” and the likes of real life serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a whole generation of people have grown up with many averse to and sometimes terrified of clowns – rendering the idea of one being enticing seem hopelessly antiquated. Sinister clown sights in the past year have not helped reverse that perception.

MEL Magazine (via io9) recently interviewed several real-life clowns after news that the “It” trailer had become the most-viewed trailer ever in its first day. Turns out the clowns are not happy with the film taking a toll on their business.

In fact they say this is just more proof of an “anti-clown sentiment” in the United States, and the growing fear and hatred of clowns is largely perpetuated by the media. Professional clown Nick Kane says: “We just experienced a nice break from the scary clown meme from last October. And just when things are starting to normalize, the It trailer comes and it’s like, ‘Here we go again.'”

“It” is currently slated for a September release.