New Sony TV’s Have Netflix Calibrated Mode

New Sony Tvs Have Netflix Calibrated Mode

Sony has announced that its new top-of-the-line TV sets will come with a setting called ‘Netflix Calibrated Mode’ – one that is set to make Netflix content look as close as possible to how it would on a professional reference monitor.

Dubbed a ‘unique collaboration between a consumer electronics manufacturer and a content company’ and crafted by Sony ‘picture engineers’ and Netflix ‘color scientists,’ the new mode will only be available in certain sizes of the brand’s A9F OLED & Z9F LCD TVs – dubbed the ‘Master Series’.

The setting takes information used in a grading suite with a professional reference monitor, and applies it to the display of the program – allowing Netflix viewers to get accurate color and contrast, especially when viewing 4K HDR series.

There’s a problem though – Netflix Calibrated Mode only works with the Netflix app on these TVs – so no watching via your game console or set-top box. There’s also some key tweaking required. The new sets with this mode will hit stores in the Fall.


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