New “Alien” Could Feature A De-Aged Ripley

Digital de-aging has gone from being an experimental and not entirely successful procedure in “X-Men: The Last Stand” a decade ago, to now an increasingly common feature used in numerous films.

Arguably the best to date was the current day Michael Douglas played a “Wall Street”-era three decades younger version of himself in the opening of “Ant-Man,” but the trick has been used in a host of other films – some successfully, some not so much.

Ridley Scott is now keen to test it out. As part of a cover story in Empire magazine for ” Alien: Covenant,” Scott was asked about the possibility of Sigourney Weaver reprising her Ripley role in one of the next movies in the franchise as they lead back into the original 1979 “Alien”. Here’s the key excerpt:

“Right now we’ve got a ten-page synopsis. [Screenwriter] John Logan’s doing it. And we know where we’re going with it.’ He [Scott] is not ruling out the idea of using a digitally de-aged Sigourney Weaver to bring back Ripley: ‘You could do that,’ he allows. And Logan promises ‘different mutations’ of the Alien to come.”

Speaking of ‘Covenant’, scans of photos included in that aforementioned Empire article have gone online over at AvP Galaxy, as have some new TV spots that show the film from a ‘found footage’ perspective with characters sending messages back home

Additionally Scott’s production company RSA Films will be producing a brand new VR movie for “Alien: Covenant,” the project the herald of a new division dedicated entirely to creating VR content. There are no specific details at this time regarding what this ‘Covenant’ experience will entail. “Alien: Covenant” opens May 19th.