Netflix To Finish Orson Welles’ Final Film

Orson Welles’ incomplete final film “The Other Side of the Wind” will finally be available for fans with the help of Netflix.

The streaming giant announced today that it has secured the global rights and will finance the completion and restoration of the “Citizen Kane” director’s final production which has remained unfinished for several decades.

Netflix is working directly with Royal Road Entertainment founder and filmmaker Filip Jan Rymsza who began the process of restoring and completing the film by raising $400,000 through crowd funding as part of an Indiegogo campaign in 2015 for a projected $1 million.

After Netflix’s announcement today, Rymsza posted an update on the page for the first time in nearly a year. He offered an apology saying once he entered into talks with Netflix he could not comment on the state of the project.

Perks will be distributed in the coming week, and there will still be production of a limited-edition DVD/Blu-ray. This marks a “rare move” for Netflix to allow such a thing.

Producer Frank Marshall, who served as the production manager during the film’s original shoot, will oversee the restoration and completion. Peter Bogdanovich, who was a part of the original cast, will serve as a consultant on the project. Both will use handwritten notes from Welles and their own memory of the production to finishing the post-production process.

The semi-autobiographical Hollywood satire follows a legendary film director (John Huston) who is attempting to stage a Hollywood comeback by appealing to a younger audience by making a stylish art film, which turns into a disaster.

Marshall and Rymsza will be credited as producers, with Bogdanovich, Jens Koethner Kaul, Beatrice Welles, Carla Rosen-Vacher, Olga Kagan and Jon Anderson as executive producers.

Source: THR