Marvel To Shoot Major Film In Sydney

Marvel To Shoot Major Film In Sydney

The Australian Government is providing a $17.1 million U.S. dollars subsidy to Disney to shoot a currently untitled Marvel movie at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia – a studio complex which Disney took ownership of last month.

Australia’s ‘offsets’ incentive schemes are directly linked to the amount of production spending in the country. This film will be able to claim at least a 16.5% location offset, potentially going up to 30%, along with tapping into the Made in NSW fund which is for significant international screen projects made in the state.

Neither Disney nor the Australian authorities would confirm the title of the film beyond it being “a major new Marvel Studios movie” and “a big-budget superhero film”. The most common suggestion, however, is that of Destin David Cretton’s “Shang-Chi” film which has Dave Callaham is currently writing the script.

While Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok” and DC’s “Aquaman” both shot in Australia, they did their shoots in a different state. In terms of superhero films, the Sydney studios have been used to film 2006’s “Superman Returns,” 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” 2013’s “The Wolverine” and 2018’s “The Lego Batman Movie”. “Alien: Covenant” and “Peter Rabbit” were the most recent major projects shot there.

Source: Variety