Lupita N’yongo Sought For “The Killer” Remake

The VERY long in the works remake of John Woo’s iconic action classic “The Killer” is finally on the fast track at Universal Pictures with Woo himself returning to helm the remake – his first U.S. film since 2003’s “Paycheck”.

Oscar winner and “Black Panther” star Lupita Nyong’o is set to take on the title role, a racial and gender-switched version of Chow Yun-fat’s iconic role of a stone-cold killer whose icy veneer is melted by a young female singer he accidentally blinds during a hit job on a mobster.

In order to get enough money for her eye operation, he has to perform one last hit, eventually teaming up with a cop. The remake will reportedly stick to the formula with Nyong’o’s hitwoman accidentally blinding another woman. Walter Hill originally intended to write and direct a remake of “The Killer” in the early 1990s with Richard Gere and Denzel Washington.

Shooting will take place later this year in France and Germany from a script by Eran Creevy (“Collide”), Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken (“10 Cloverfield Lane”) with Oscar winner Brian Helgeland (“L.A. Confidential”) currently doing a polish. Woo, Mark Gordon and Josh Clay Phillips will produce.

Source: Heat Vision