Lawrence Confirms “Hunger Games” Prequel Talk

Lawrence Confirms Hunger Games Prequel Talk

If Lionsgate moves forward with a prequel to its “The Hunger Games” franchise, as it has suggested it wil, expect filmmaker Francis Lawrence to return.

Speaking to People this week, the filmmaker confirmed as much when asked about the idea and says there’s already been discussion: “Yeah, I’ve definitely been talking to Suzanne [Collins, author] about it and to Lionsgate about it and so, it is something that I would absolutely love to do.”

Lawrence helmed all but the first film in the series. He also reunited with his ‘Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence for the R-rated spy film “Red Sparrow” but tells the outlet there’s no chance of that film getting a sequel: “I don’t think that’s going to happen. It didn’t quite get the response that I was hoping it would get. I think that, yeah, that’s probably off the table.”

Lawrence most recently directed part of the Apple TV+ series “See” which launched today.

Source: MSN