John Krasinski To Direct “Life on Mars”

Following the massive success critically and commercially of his horror film “A Quiet Place,” filmmaker John Krasinski is turning to sci-fi and is once again teaming with Paramount Pictures for the project titled “Life on Mars”.

Not to be confused with the critically acclaimed U.K. time-travel cop show of the same name, or its U.S. remake starring Harvey Keitel, this one is an adaptation of a short story by Cecil Castellucci called “We Have Always Lived on Mars”. Unlike ‘Quiet,’ Krasinski himself will not star in it.

The story follows a group of people living in a colony on Mars long after a cataclysm on Earth. When one of the women finds that she can breathe the Martian air, it upends the life of everyone in the colony.

Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will produce.

Source: Heat Vision