Joe Russo Warns Sony About Spidey Future

Joe Russo Warns Sony About Spidey Future

“Avengers: Endgame” helmers Joe and Anthony Russo have been up at the Toronto Film Festival this week discussing the Netflix Arabic-language war drama film they produced entitled “Mosul”.

That film follows an elite Iraqi SWAT team who fought back against the rise of ISIS in 2016. During interviews for that, the pair were asked by The Toronto Sun about their thoughts on the split between Marvel/Disney and Sony over the Spider-Man franchise.

The pair certainly has familiarity with the character, introducing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the MCU with “Captain America: Civil War” and then helming two more Avengers features with him. In their answer though, while Anthony Russo offered one that sounds akin to others he’s given lately, Joe Russo was quite forthright in saying Sony is making an error of judgement going it alone:

Anthony Russo: “It was so difficult to get him into Civil War. It was an extremely long and hard process. But we were driven to help make it happen. But Kevin Feige pulled it off, somehow. Disney and all the good people at Sony found a way to make it work and it lasted a few films. We had a wonderful experience with that and I think audiences really appreciated that marriage. But we know how hard that marriage was to make in the first place, so the fact that the marriage fell apart isn’t really that surprising to me and Joe.”

Joe Russo: “It was a tenuous, fraught union throughout the whole process. But, I will say, stepping back and trying to be objective as possible, that I think it’s a tragic mistake on Sony’s part to think that they can replicate Kevin’s penchant for telling incredible stories and the amazing success he has had over the years. I think it’s a big mistake.”

Plans for the next “Spider-Man” film have yet to be announced.