Joaquin Phoenix Could Be The Next ‘The Joker’

Joaquin Phoenix has reportedly agreed to play The Joker in the origin movie about the Batman villain that Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”) will direct and Martin Scorsese will produce reports Variety.

However, negotiations with Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films have yet to begin, despite Phillips saying Phoenix is the top choice and indicating he’ll do it – therefore the deal isn’t closed and Phoenix isn’t a lock yet. Phoenix previously dabbled with and then turned down the roles of The Hulk, Doctor Strange and Lex Luthor. Leonardo DiCaprio was previously considered for the part.

The project is being dubbed a gritty hard-boiled crime film set in an early 1980s Gotham City and will be separate from the other DCEU films. Todd Phillips is currently co-writing the script with Scott Silver and will co-produce with Martin Scorsese.