Is AMC Considering Tiered Seat Pricing?

Two separate sources have indicated that cinema chain AMC has, via a new survey, begun exploring the idea of charging different prices for different seats within the same cinema.

Both a source for Slashfilm and on Twitter have indicated that AMC is sending out a new survey to some of the members of its AMC Stubs reward program. One of the key questions in it? Where do members like to sit in a theater and would they’d be willing to pay more or less money for more desirable seats or less desirable seats.

An exploratory question in a survey is a long way from a confirmed ticketing policy change, nevertheless with audiences having gone off 3D screenings and its premium pricing model, it’s understandable cinemas are looking into ways to make more money – especially as many are being refurbished with better quality seating and conditions to attract customers.

AMC made headlines earlier this year for their staunch stand against subscription film ticketing service MoviePass.