IFC Responds To MPAA’s “Jack” Stance

Ifc Responds To Mpaas Jack Stance

Last week IFC Films held one-night-only screenings of an unrated director’s cut of provocative filmmaker Lars von Trier’s serial killer drama “The House That Jack Built”. That screening comes ahead of the film’s theatrical release, an R-rated version that clocks in at eighty seconds shorter.

Then, a few days later, the censorship board the MPAA released a terse statement saying that one night only screening violated ratings rules about releasing two cuts of a film (with different ratings) around the same time – thus potentially confusing audiences.

There were also hints of potential sanctions to come against the film and the distributor. Now, IFC Films is speaking up and has defended its decision by saying:

“IFC Films has not received any written notice from the MPAA regarding sanctions in connection with THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT. It has always been IFC Films’ priority to maintain the artistic vision of our filmmakers and we do not believe that the one-day screening of the Director’s Cut unrated version has violated the MPAA’s Classification and Rating Rules.”

So far there’s been no word on a ruling or sanctions from the MPAA. The distributor is releasing the R-rated version on VOD and in select theaters on December 14th.

Source: The Playlist