Guy Ritchie Open To “Suicide Squad 2”

When Guy Ritchie was announced as the director of the upcoming “King Arthur,” he seemed an odd choice for the material.

Then, as promotional video and stills were revealed, indications were that he intended to go in the direction that he took the “Sherlock Holmes” franchise – a fun, camp high fantasy adventure take on the story.

Ritchie’s forte in the past has been caper films about crooks which would make him a good fit for the “Suicide Squad” sequel if he wanted to tackle it. Warners hasn’t locked down a director yet, and Ritchie was recently asked by Variety if Warners has approached him to helm one of their DC comic book films. He seems to confirm at least one or two conversations happened, but scheduling didn’t work out:

“I quite fancy doing Suicide Squad 2, because I thought I could do a good job with it. I can’t do it because I’m doing something else, but I’ve felt I could really do something with that.”

Ritchie is committed to Disney’s live-action “Aladdin” movie as his next project. At last report Ruben Fleischer, Daniel Espinosa, Jonathan Levine and Mel Gibson are all under consideration for “Suicide Squad 2”.